Fundamental Baseball

What people have to say about the training:

Hi Dean-- Thanks for today! James needed your confidence boost. We'll

see you next Sunday at 11.

Thx Dean. I thought last week was great. See you Sunday. - Rob Sent from my iPhone

Dearest Dean,

" I just wanted to thank you and all the wonderful coaches for a great

learning experience for my son Daniel. He had such a wonderful time.

Yesterday when my son new it was the last day, he asked me "Mom, I had a

great week, can I go again next year?" I told him of yes of course.

He came home everyday with an exciting story to tell. He couldn't wait to

tell us something new he learned or how great a play he made. He also told us how

every coach was so nice and how they help everyone. And the coaches don't yell

Thank you again, for making my sons first experience with going to camp a

truly memorable one.


G Golde'

Daniel 's mom

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Subject: Baseball Clinic

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 20:10:56 -0400

Hi Dean,

Sean is having a great time so far at the camp. Hopefully this experience will give him the confidence to swing at better pitches. He comes back with a smile and always says he is having fun. I hope you can spread this camp of yours up to Westchester. I really am impressed with your staff too.

See you,

Kim – July 2004

Hi Dean,

I wanted to thank you for providing my son, Ryan with an excellent week of Baseball instruction.

For the past 4 years Ryan some other local camp every year Ryan hated it but I sent

him regardless, this year he actually enjoyed himself and learned from the experience!!!

I also manage a 13U travel team, perhaps we could do some sort of winter clinic with you? I'd like to

know if you offer something like this. Also Dean, I'm looking for ballplayers as I'll be losing kids from

my summer team and I need some ballplayers for my fall team, if you could refer any to me that would

be much appreciated.

Thanks again for providing Ryan with a great week!!

Thu, 1 Feb 2001 00:19:20 -0500

Heya Dean,

I like the way you interact with my son and more importantly Ricky senses

your knowledge and love for baseball. He's very quick to criticize an

instructor especially when they treat him like a little kid or underestimate his ability. You've made a friend, he talks about you.

see you Tuesday

David S.

Sunday, December 03, 2000 3:47 PM


Just wanted to tell you that I thought the clinic you ran was exceptional,

I felt you had all the kids attention , and that each drill built upon each

other. We have had many different clinics, and after seeing you work with our

kids we truly look forward to a long working relationship with you and Peter.

It was obvious that the kids had fun, yet knew that you were serious and no

loafing would be tolerated . I emailed you photos from the clinic as well.

Speak to you soon,


Dear Dean,

Before I forget, I would like to thank you for all you did for my son Joe.

He really learned a lot and enjoyed his time in your camp. Unfortunately,

it looks like he will not be allowed to make the team at Bayside. The Coach

is upset that he did not play as a sophomore or junior and does not seem to

understand that academics took precedence over baseball. You may not know but

Joe is realistic and even though he is passionate about baseball he realizes

that it is not going to be his career. As of now he wants to go into the

medical field. My regret is that Joe has a better mental sense for the game

than any of the other catchers and I feel that he is not being given a fair shot. Joe's only regret is that he wants to play against Pete and Neil and come back to "haunt them". If he doesn't make the team, the JV Coach has already asked him to assist him and Joe has agreed. Joe will continue to play outside ball and once again I thank you for all the help you gave him.



Hello dean,

I'm sorry I missed your call, I would have enjoyed speaking with you. Anthony truly enjoyed the experience

& he looks forward to the next. i also relayed the message, if you could have seen the smile on his face. it

also made me feel good as a dad. his next game is on Saturday at 12:00 & i hope you can schedule an

appointment for him. you can e-mail me at and we look forward to meeting with you again.

thank you

P. s I have a funny story to tell you when we meet

Dear Coach Dean,

On behalf of my son Thomas I would like to thank you and your staff for a great week of

baseball. Will you be having any more clinics or are you available for some private workouts?


W. Roulis

My son, Michael, just completed your baseball clinic at

Merillon. He enjoyed it very much, and is interested in the tips

sheet you had offered to e-mail. Thanks, Lisa